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Do You have a great Site or Blog? Do you run a popular Newsletter? DO you want to make money just by recommending your audience a free trial of a product?

Then you are at the right place. The Revestrol Affiliate Program pays upto $20 for each customer referred by you.

6 Reasons, Why should you join Revestrol Affiliate Program:

No More Link Cloaking - You can simply promote the Url without including your affiliate ID. The program will track from where the visits are coming and you will get paid. So, Don't feel shy while recommending something to audience.

Higher Conversion Rate - Around 8% of the traffic orders a trial. It means, you may get minimum $40 for each 100 visits referred.

Very Specific Niche - You won't do what others are doing. The Product is very unique and there is very less competition. You will find very less sites doing this.

Two Time Payment- You will get $5 for each trial and you will get another commision of $15, if the customer orders the product. Hence, Get upto $20/lead. Impressive, isn't it?

Weekly Payment - We don't like to keep your money in our Banks and getting interest over it. Just joking, we offer weekly payment by Paypal. So, you can request a withdrawal even if your balance is $5.

We do serious Business, No Kidding- We are here to do business and we know that Partnership pays. So, Your each and every mail will be replied by us in a single business day. Don't hesitate to offer us a problem. Just shoot it :) .

That's enough, isn't it? It's time to take an action. Let's Go!

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